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Seed Cleaning Services Australia

Seed Cleaners in Australia

Why should you let us, grade and clean your Seed this year?

  • Experience For over 13 years, Walco Seed Cleaning, located in the Balaklava area of South Australia, has been providing seed cleaning and grading services to Yorke Peninsula, Gawler & Barossa Valley, Lower & Mid North, Clare & Gilbert Valleys, Wakefield and the Adelaide Plains.
  • Family-owned business. We are a family owned business that keeps all profits within our local rural farming community.
  • We come to you. We provide a grain cleaning and grading service using a variety of modern mobile seed grading units with a capacity of up to 23 tons per hour. Thus, our services of seed cleaning in Yorke Peninsula and other areas involve the most superior processes that produce the most quality yields.
  • Increase profits. We specialize in getting the best seeds so you can get the best crop which means in the end you get the best return on your investment through the process of seed or grain cleaning in Kadina. You can increase your profits to a large extent.
  • Grand prize performance. At the 2012 Royal Adelaide Show seed graded by Walco Seed Cleaning not only received 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize but also the Grand Champion in the pulse seed category. Read our blog post about it here. Expertise, experience, and going the extra mile for our customers pays off!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. High on our list of priorities is customer satisfaction, which is why Walco Seed owner, Kurt, spends time with you from the initial contact point until the job’s done, to ensure you are happy with the service we provide before and after the job is finished, each and every year. We do this because we want you to come back year after year and recommend us to your farming friends so that they can also avail the most competent services of seed cleaning in Gladstone and elsewhere.

There are various benefits that only seed cleaning can offer you with. This will help to enhance the quality of the yields as well as the quantity. Apart from that, the storability of the seeds will be improved and there will be less processing losses. These aspects are bound to increase the marketability of the seeds. This is the reason why seed cleaning and processing in Balaklava are so popular.

Walco Seed Cleaning is the only company in South Australia that can guarantee to get straw out of oats. No one else in the area can do this like Kurt. He is so confident of this that Walco Seed Cleaning offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

In addition to seed cleaning, we also supply fungicide seed dressings, Zinc and trace elements for seed dressings and foliar applications. All your pickling requirements can be met by us. For a review of the products we recommend click here.If you think that your grain deserves the best treatment then call or email Kurt for a competitive quote, he’s more than happy to have a chat with you about your requirements - just contact us.

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