Seed Cleaning

A Guaranteed Way to Instantly Increase Your Yield
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Seed Cleaning

A Guaranteed Way to Instantly Increase Your Yield
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Seed Cleaning or Harvest Cleaning is done to value add to harvested grain.  Cleaning out of spec grain to improve quality will also increase the dollar value of your grain and takes out the stress of possibily having a load rejected at the receival site.

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Seed Grading is the term used for getting the largest, healthiest seed suitable for sowing the next seasons crop.

Plants from larger seeds are often more vigorous, grow more quickly and produce more tillers, especially at the early stages of growth.

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Farmers use large section of their home-grown seeds for next sowing. These seeds are often un-treated.  Untreated seeds are prone to fungal infections, diseases and insect invasion. This can affect the overall output.  Farmers often lose out the opportunity of maximizing the potential of crops because of untreated seeds. One of the best ways to get maximum returns on your efforts is by professionally applied seed dressing.

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Why Us


For over 13 years, Walco Seed Cleaning, located in the Balaklava area of South Australia, has been providing seed cleaning and grading services to Yorke Peninsula, Gawler & Barossa Valley, Lower & Mid North, Clare & Gilbert Valleys, Wakefield and the Adelaide Plains.

Family-Owned Business

We are a family owned business that keeps all profits within our local rural farming community.

We Come to You

We provide a grain cleaning and grading service using a variety of modern mobile seed grading units with a capacity of up to 23 tons per hour. Thus, we can give you the most superior service in your own property.

Increase Profits

We specialise in getting the best seeds so you can get the best crop. This means you get the best return on your investment through the process of seed or grain cleaning.

Grand Prize Performance

At the 2012, 15 and 16 Royal Adelaide Show seed graded by Walco Seed Cleaning not only received 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize but also the Grand Champion in the pulse seed category. Expertise, experience, and going the extra mile for our customers pays off!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

High on our list of priorities is customer satisfaction, which is why Walco Seed Cleaning founder, Kurt Walter, spends time with you from the initial contact point until the job’s done, to ensure you are happy with the service we provide before and after the job is finished, each and every year.

We’ve been using Walco Seed Cleaning for three years now and we had them do our pickling and then cleaning. They have the latest in their machines; does an excellent job. Very good people to get on with. Nothing’s too much trouble. They’ve never failed us with a job. We can definitely recommend them.


Our Guarantee

Walco Seed Cleaning will remove all problem straws from oats.
No more blockages or missed rows at seeding time!

30 Day Guarantee

Walco Seed Cleaning will guarantee that you will be happy with the end result of quality graded seed or its free!

Lifetime guarantee

Walco Seed Cleaning will remove all problem straws from oats. No more blockages or missed rows at seeding time!

Hear From Our Clients


Hear from Burge We’ve been using Walco Seed Cleaning for a while now and they’re doing a very good job, very efficient. Just give them a call when I need to get the job done, and they just make it happen. I think they do a very good job. The machines are very...


Hear from Chuck Here we use Walco Seed Cleaners so we’d using them for most probably eight, ten years. Very happy with their job. Very easy to get on with. No problem, just getting them up here and really please with them. I’ll recommend them to...

Dane S

Hear from Dane Walco Seed Cleaning Services we’ve been using them for a couple of years now. Kurt and I go through what we’ve got and how long it’s gonna take and he gets them done. He’s very professional. He always rocks up at the right time in the season and gets it...

Merv R

Hear from Merv R We’ve been with Walco Seed Cleaning for a few years now. They’ve always been very good. They came when we wanted, which has been good. The first year when we really started, they came straight away. Everything’s always been brought up to spec and...


Hear from Brenton I’m Brenton and I’m a farmer from [Cadena?] We grow wheat, barley, peas, lentils, and oats. We’ve been using Walco Seed Cleaners for three years now and we had them do our pickling and then cleaning, lentils at times. We can recommend them. They have...


Hear from Sam   Sam from [Ribbon?] I’m really happy with Walco Seed Cleaning for the quality of their job and their always on time and yeah, I’m really impressed. Keep up the good work.

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