30 Day Guarantee

Walco Seed Cleaning will guarantee that you will be happy with the end result of quality graded seed or its free!

Lifetime Guarantee

Walco Seed Cleaning will remove all problem straws from oats. No more blockages or missed rows at seeding time!


Walco Seed Cleaning cannot guarantee the effectiveness of pickle as formulations are controlled by a third party but everything in our power will be done to help you if the need ever arises. We only ever use registered and approved products.


As the germination of seed is out of our control we cannot guarantee a result of this. Walco Seed Cleaning recommends that seed be tested for germination before we grade and pickle to make sure it is of a viable standard.


External Factors Out of Control

External factors out of our control, such as the weather or fire, is not covered by our guarantee.

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