How to Set Up Your Silos Ready for Cleaning

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Hi! It’s Kurt, Walco Seed Cleaning. Thanks for watching again. Seed storage is a big question that always keeps getting popped – popping up every now and again.

0:14 The why and how you should be doing it, basically, harvest time most people don’t have a lot of time to actually put their grain back in their yards so generally it get to stay out in the paddy.

0:29 But there’s – before you even start thinking about storing grain you want to pick out the best part of your paddy for seed and I’ll explain that in another video a bit more detail.

0:43 So basically, if you store grain and as you can see behind me, we’ve got two silos there at the moment, but if you got a whole row of silos, then what we can actually do is clean from one silo directly into another one even with the silos all in one line, which saves a lot of headaches, and you guys don’t need to worry about trucks all that sort of thing.

1:07 So basically, essentially we need to keep the full one on my left shoulder. That’s right there so we can clean into the one on the other side on my right shoulder. That’s the order that we do it and we can basically just start from one end work all our way down, and of course that means as long as we empty the bins out completely. We haven’t cleaned the bins out as we go we’ll give it a sweep a whole lot for you.

1:37 So, if you need any more information and want to know a bit more detail or situations that you might get stuck into or anything at all, feel free, give us a call. Details are on the page. Even throw a question on Twitter, not quitter, on Twitter. We’re on Facebook as well and feel free, give us a ring if you like. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch up with you later. Thanks.

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