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How nutritional seed dressing can help seeds cope with stressors?

How nutritional seed dressing can help seeds cope with stressors?

06 May 2022

Farmers use the homegrown seed for the next season’s yield. A seed that has been subjected to the dressing process shows a better production of the crop. Seed dressing pushes the crop for a head start. When compared to untreated seeds, you’ll notice there is more chance of crop failure owing to unhealthy and underdeveloped seeds. In the seed dressing process, a seed is treated with Phosphorous, which helps in the seedling process and faster emergence. Being a vital ingredient for root development, and results in faster emergence. Another added benefit of seed dressing is an additional help to the plant to fight off stressors that impact the development of the plant. Let’s present our case, why seed dressing helps a plant in face of stressors.

The nutritional benefit of seed dressing:
Not just early emergence and a vigour crop is the end product of a seed dressing treatment. Another huge chunk of seed dressing treatment is the shielding benefit of dressing a seed. In the real world, a seed is exposed to a lot of diseases that can affect the overall growth of the yield or in the worst-case scenario cause crop failure.

One of the biggest factors that can affect the crop’s health is the variation in temperature. In the world of global warming, wherein the summers the temperature can rise above normal, and in the winter it drops below the normal. This fluctuation of temperature can affect the growth of crop development. When a seed undergoes a seed dressing process, the seed can germinate and develop into a healthy crop even in unfavourable conditions.

Enlisted below, is the minimum temperature for germination of some crops:
Wheat requires 4ºC 
Barley requires 3ºC 
Corn requires 10ºC
Sunflower requires 6ºC 
Oats requires 5ºC 

Other Significant Benefits of Crop Dressing:

Consistent result: When you’re investing in a highly acclaimed seed dresser, you can expect fewer chances of crop lethargy. With a strong start, there’s more potential for a seed to yield a better result.

Fewer chances of infections:

As the seed is coated uniformly with treatments like phosphorous and other supplements, that lacks in soil otherwise or is not evenly distributed. The uneven distribution of just vital nutrients leaves the door open for more chances of infections.

Different seeds are treated differently:

It’s not a size fits all technique that works with seeds. Understanding the seed and crops' needs, and what the soil lacks naturally, a seed dressing agency works accordingly on the seed.

Thus, it can be summed up from our discussion that the seed dressing process is essential for a flourishing harvest. The seed dressing process minimizes the scope of infection, crop failure and other stressors. Also, help the farmer reap the most benefit out of their homegrown seeds. 

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