Russian Wheat Aphid in Australia

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0:26 Common insecticides to stop Russian Wheat aphid

1:53 Initial results on the use of the recommended insecticides


Hi! It’s Kurt, Walco Seed Cleaning here. Thanks for watching.

0:09 Big thing at the moment in the district. This Russian wheat aphid we’ve never had it in Australia before. It started in [Thalle?] or first noticed in Thalle at least, it’s infecting quite a few crops and spreading all the way down to Victoria at the moment so hopefully it won’t get too nasty.

0:26 I’ve had a few people asking me about what I can do as a seed dressing for the Russian Wheat aphid. Now, there’s really only two common insecticides that will actually do the job. There’s a few benefits to using a seed dressing rather than as a folio spray. But basically, the most common one and is relatively cheap as far as application goes. So Imidacloprid is the product that’s actually the active ingredient. Others know it as Gaucho, there’s [Senator] Senata?, there’s numerous brands on the market but Imidacloprid is the active ingredient. That’s potentially going to stop the aphids from – or is going to kill the aphids when they actually suck on the plant in the early stages only.

1:17 Generally, around about four weeks good control of the weevil but it obviously extend a little bit for that probably another two, maybe three weeks further into the season. So early on if we can combat the aphids and that will help to control the population and the numbers further on and of course come spring time when the weather warms up, that’s when the aphids start getting really active and at least using a seed dressing you’ve basically got the one step forward already on top of them. Always a good thing to do.

1:53 There are quite a few clients already using it even in the past years. They’re getting excellent results from it and it’s pretty cheap, good value for money. So, if you want any more information or just want more thoughts on what – whether it’s suitable for you, then just click on the links below on this page. Somewhere, wherever they are and get in contact with me. Give us a call. I’m more than happy to have a chat, and I hope your season goes well and thanks for watching. Catch you later.

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