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Barley is one of the more popular crops grown in South Australia. Its uses in foods, medicines and manufacturing are well known. Barley from the Hordeum vulgareL is a member of the grass family and a major member of the cereal producing plants. Barley is further used as fodder and a vital component of health foods, medicines, stews and bread

In 2007 this produce was ranked the 4th highest cereal in the world in the area of cultivation and the amount in tonnage produced. From ancient times barley has been used as malt in making beer. This is still the most important ingredient in fermentable modern day beer and other distilled drinks.

Although barley is considered an easy crop to produce there is certain factors should be taken into consideration when planting this popular crop. The barley seeds are the first factor that will determine the yield of the crop. Selecting the strain best suited for your specific soil and environmental conditions is equally important. There are two varieties, namely, two row and six row. This is a reference to the number of grain rows on the barley head of the plant. The ideal soil conditions are loamy soil and lots of sunlight. The barley seeds don’t like acidic soils but this could be amended with adding lime.

When planting properly treated and cleaned barley seeds the farmer must ensure that the crops are free of covered smut which is clearly visible on the crops as a grey-black head. This will stunt the growth and the awns will shrivel when flowering. This could infect the entire crop. The smut spores are on the outside of the barley seeds and can be active for up to three years. The spore at the same time as the seed penetrating the seedling just before it emerges. To prevent this with your next crop there is many effective treatments available to ensure disease free barley seeds.


Another condition called loose smut affects the barley seeds in all growing areas but more prevalent in areas with high humidity and rainfall. In 2014, loose smut was found in South Australian crops from a wide area. It has been slowly increasing every year since. The spores are contained in the membrane of the barley and when this breaks the spores gets released and leaves a very bare stalk. The spores get activated on germination of the barley seeds. This is often spread by wind to other plants. This disease is very active for promoting the infection of seeds for the following planting season. To prevent this good quality seeds from disease resistant barley varieties should be used. Many effective treatments are available to combat this disease.

Powdery mildew is widely affecting crops all over the world and areas. The disease is found on the leaf surfaces of the plant and is visible as fluffy white patches turning grey in maturity. Leaves could be partly or completely covered. When the condition is really bad the leaves will become yellow-brown.

Farmers use large section of their saved seeds for next sowing. These seeds are often un-treated. Untreated seeds are prone to fungal infections, diseases and moulds. This can affect the overall output. Farmers often lose out the opportunity of maximizing the potential of crops because of untreated seeds. One of the best ways to get maximum returns on your efforts is by hiring a seed dressing expert.

Seed dressing refers to process of applying natural and chemical agents to the seed in order to counter fungal infections and diseases. There are several reasons why you must dress your seed accurately. Dressing your seed can help you to maximize your output. Let us look at some of major advantages of dressing your seed through an expert.

The following is a selection of the treatments we offer to help you protect your investment while potentially improving seed emergence and crop yields. We will consult with you to create a custom treatment to best fit your unique situation, crop, soil type, and other factors.

Increased Resistance to Diseases

Process of applying natural or chemical agent to the seed enhances its overall resistance to diseases. Diseased crops can spread the infection to other crops thereby affecting your overall yield.

Improved Vigour

Dressing experts can help you in coating the seeds with special formulas that will improve the vigour in the seeds. Improved seed vigour in turn would lead to quicker germination and faster emergence. Plants that emerge faster tend to be fuller and more productive as compared to their untreated counterparts.

Enhances the Seed

Dressing the seed with various liquids can help in increasing the nutritional levels in the seed. Increased nutritional levels offer greater resistance to diseases. Improved levels of nutrition also help in faster emergence. Seeds that are treated with fortifying agents show higher percentage of germination. This in turn helps the farmers to get uniformly dense plantations.

Enhances the Density of the Plantation

Dressing a seed empowers it to combat against deadly seedling diseases and other infections. It also improves vigour in seeds. All these factors ultimately contribute to enhanced density of plantations. Denser plantations would mean fuller crops. In other words, farmers can get the benefit of maximum output if they treat their seeds before sowing.

Reduces the Need of Fertilizers and Pesticides

Seeds that are coated with various formulas for preventing infections tend to require lower amount of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Such seeds also control the emergence of herbicide resisting weeds. All this helps the farmers in saving money and time spent on buying and spraying fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.


Seed treatment ensures fortification of seeds with fertilizers and other formulas. This reduces the need of spraying toxic insecticides and pesticides after the plants grow. This also reduces the overall impact on the environment. It also reduces the toxic wastes that arise out of spraying herbicides and pesticides.

Farmers often are able to recover the expenditure of treating the seeds due to increased output.

Seed Cleaning

is one of the most vital functions of farming. Many people wonder, if they can skip the process of cleaning the seed and start sorting them instead. It is ideal that you undertake the process of cleaning the seed for better results. You can always hire a seed cleaning agency and relieve yourself of any unnecessary stress associated with post harvesting activities. Hiring a seed cleaner can help you to optimize your production and also enhance the quality of products that are exported.

Let us look at some other reasons that you must hire services of experts who can clean your seed.

Saves Time

Cleaning the seed and using treatments to separate the chaff from the seed requires you to invest lot of time. Farmers may not be able to devote so much time during the harvesting cycle; hence it is ideal to hire a professional who specializes in cleaning the seed. This will help farmers in saving their valuable time.

Expert Advice

Changing climatic conditions and new developments in field of pesticides and insecticides often can leave farmers wondering about the right choice for cleaning their seed. When you hire a professional company for seed cleaning, you can be rest assured that they will offer the best advice after analyzing your seed. Their professional advice can help you in maximizing your returns on the harvest.

Create a Bank for Next Sowing Cycle

When you opt for cleaning the seeds through a professional company, you can be assured that you will be able to create a bank of good seeds that can be used for next sowing cycle. Cleaning the seed allows you to separate larger seeds from the smaller ones. These seeds can be stored carefully and can be used for sowing in the next cycle. Sowing larger seeds will help the farmers in getting a better output for the next harvest.

Considering the above mentioned advantages, you must hire a professional expert to clean your seed and grade it for you.

Apron XL

Apron XL – A seed fungicidal treatment with protection against Pythium causing poor germination of seeds when the environmental conditions is cold and wet. The treatment protects against Phytophthora and downy mildew Great for crops of Cotton, Peas, Lucerne, Subterranean Clover, Carrots, Beetroot, Maize, Sweet Corn and Radish.

P Pickle T

P Pickle T – is a seed dressing containing Thiram and Thiabendazole for the effective control of black spot and rotting roots in peas, rot of seeding roots, Botryis and Ascochyte Blight in chickpeas, lentils, fababeans and vetch.


Armour C seed dressing protects against smut and bunts, as well as foliar diseases such as stripe rust as per the label.


Vincit C seed dressing is a seed dressing treatment for Wheat, Barley, Oats and Triticale to protect against smuts and bunt.


For the control of various insect pests in a range of crops and the protection of spread of barley yellow dwarf virus in cereal crops. This is the prefered method to help control the spread of of aphids including the Russian Wheat Aphid. Responsible farming practice is needed to help protect beneficial insects in the crop and a seed treatment is the only way this can be done effectively.


Unprecedented protection from sowing to beyond flagleaf for Spot form of net blotch (SFNB) and Net form of net blotch (NFNB)


Nutrian Zinc – ZincFusion Fertiliser for maximum benefit and strong early plant vigour as the lack of zinc has been identified as a factor that could reduce the yield from wheat crops. Can increase the crop substantially especially in area with high rainfalls.



25 g/L Ipconazole [GROUP 3 FUNGICIDE]

20 g/L Metalaxyl [GROUP 4 FUNGICIDE]

Rancona Dimension is a Micro-Emulsion (liquid) seed dressing containing ipconazole and metalaxyl for treatment of wheat, barley and oats for control/suppression of various fungal seedling diseases.

Rancona Dimension’s combined disease protection and seed safety results in optimal plant performance – faster emergence, excellent seedling establishment, healthier and more vigorous plants – for maximum yield potential.

Evergol Energy

EverGol Energy combines the proven disease control strengths of penflufen with the systemic activity of prothioconazole and metalaxyl. It is set to offer control or suppression of a range of diseases in wheat, barley, oats and triticale, including flag smut (seed and soil borne), loose smut, covered smut, common bunt, rhizoctonia, pythium, crown rot, fusarium head blight and white grain disorder.


Seed dressing for the control of various foliar, seed and soil borne diseases including loose smut, covered smut, common bunt, rhizoctonia & pythium in wheat, barley, oats and triticale and the prevention of spread of barley yellow dwarf virus and for protection against insect pests of stored seed grain.

Product Type: Seed Treatment

Mode of Action: Group 4A Insecticide and Group 3 4 Fungicide

Active ingredient(s): imidacloprid(180g/L)+metalaxyl-m(15g/L)+flutriafol(6.25g/L)

Formulation: Soluble Liquid

Smart Grain Dual IGR
  • Smartgrain DUAL 60g/l S-methoprene & 600g/lFenitrothion
  • Dual formulation technology combines both actives
  • 24-hour Withholding Period
  • One product replaces two
  • Registered for Malting Barley, Rice, Wheat, Sorghum and other cereal grains for both local & export markets
  • Can be used in any type of storage sealed or unsealed
  • Suitable for all cereal grains, including malting barley, rice, sorghum and maize
  • A different mode of action
  • No withholding period
  • Can be used on all farm and grain storage sites
  • Should be used when silos are not gas tight/sealed
  • * Product Stewardship is required for the safe use of K-Obiol which we are accredited.

Walco Seed Cleaning offers a 30 day guarantee on the results of their grading of your seeds ensuring only the best quality for your next planting season without missing rows due to blockages caused by straws.

We can supply and apply any seed treatment that is registered onto your seed and at the application rate you are after to target the disease or insect you want protection from.

We can also apply several products to your seed at the same time, all while doing the seed grading.

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