Why Grade Seed?

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0:16 Key reasons why you ought to grade your seed

1:18 How to avoid blockages at seeding time

1:49 Why lab tests a good option


Hi! It’s Kurt, Walco Seed Cleaning. Thanks for watching. One of the big, big questions and I guess it’s a fairly important one is why do I need my seed graded?

0:16 Now, there’s quite a few reasons why; most important is basically to make more money for you guys. The thing is, why do you want go out and plant seeds that are inferior, may not germinate, if they do germinate then they might end up with a stunted plant or just not have much vigor to come out the ground, all those factors.

0:43 Any smart farmer knows that you should get your seed graded and when you do get it graded, get it graded properly. Don’t just run it very quick and just take the worst of the rubbish out. That’s not the real reason we do it.

0:57 Grading it properly is a big thing and that’s why we’ve got our machines setup, ready to do it and I’d like to think we do a good job and we’re pretty sure on the paddy obviously for all our clients that we do. So, our more consistent seeding rate is rather advantaged.

1:18 Obviously the big thing which causes a lot of headaches is blockages at seeding time, number of complaints I’ve had from people that specially wants that don’t grade their seed that constantly getting blockages, and they frustrates the hell out of them and they don’t understand why they haven’t done it in the past.

1:36 I guess, another reason is that it’s always good to get a contract to come in to have a look at your seed and make sure that everything is all good and the seed is actually a viable sort of the thing.

1:49 Particularly these things that we can actually do and you can only do basically in the science lab and that’s to check the vigor germination which you can do in your own kitchen if you like. I’ll just probably make another video of that one. If you get a lab test done, they actually go quite elaborate into it and reduce the temperature of the seed to a stable temperature to get some more accurate germination on that side of it.

If there’s anything else you want to know about it, just feel free, give us a ring. I’m more than happy to have a chat or send us an email. Check out our Twitter page, Facebook, we’re all over the place. So, have a look and any questions, feel free to call.

Thanks very much for watching. Catch you.

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